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A Unique Indian Experience
“This is Om Shanti Om Yoga and Retreats...
The way... a celebration of life each moment...!”
Imagine and amazing - 7 Days Exhilarating Yoga Retreats with Om Shanti Om Yoga in Rishikesh, India at the foothills of the Himalayas is designed and programmed for those who are interested in both Yoga and Leisure together.
The 7 Days Exhilarating Yoga Retreat is very unique - the combination of practicing, learning, writing, seeing, laughing, travelling, sharing, meditating and knowing our inner happiness.
This Retreats organized as two-under one session in which students enjoy learning yoga for healthful body and mind while enjoying the Excursions.

Jobs filled your pocket... Adventures filled your Soul...!!!

divider"Welcome to our Yoga & Retreat program and we assure that you will bring back home
memorable memories from unique Indian experience more than what you expect...!!!
Health is the best wealth and happiness in life... enjoy your life ultimately...
to the top of the world... this life is yours...!!!"


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Physical and mental cleansing and cultivating inner and physical strength are one of the Yoga’s most important achievements. What makes it so powerful and effective is the fact that it works based on the holistic principles of harmony and unification. Yoga promotes our well-being almost every day.
It increases endurance, strength and stamina. Mental and bodily endurance are tested for holding postures for enhanced breath. It also tones our body, face and skin so those that want to look smart and neat can also accomplish their dreams by joining the Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh, India.
Yoga maintains our body. Yoga frees our body from intoxicating pollution.
It strengthens our arms, legs and muscles. Yoga helps us boost our self-confidence. In contemporary times, the physical postures of yoga are used to alleviate health problems, reduce stress and make the spine supple. Yoga is also used as a complete exercise program and physical therapy routine. The system of Hatha yoga believes "life energy" is absorbed into the body through breath and can treat a wide variety of illness and problems including body pain, stress and depression. Learning by practical and experimental means is best. However, if you have some theatrical knowledge to add to the experiment, you will get better results.
In this course, we also give priority to the lecture classes in the subject of Pranayama (breathing control yogic way). Breath control gives tremendous benefits to our body, mind and emotions, as well as prolonging our life.
Meditation practice helps in how to make a successful meditation apart from knowing the objective, problem, solution and benefit, the main reason to enable understand our self.
Both Pranayama and Meditation is very helpful for the body and mind healing and best therapies in the world. Yogi Dinesh classes are enriching in spirit, body and mind. His Vinyasa Flow yoga asana style is mindful, dynamic, creative, uplifting and energizing as well as offering some demonstration, hands on assisting and plenty of variations to suit any level and more deeply aware of your own inner peace and stability. Try the Inspirational Yoga Classes with Yogi Dinesh


Finding Relaxation

to be away from your home, finding relaxation and peace of mind from hustle and bustle of hectic life


Spiritual land

Rishikesh is a spiritual & tranquilizing land located far from the roaring busy city life



Practicing Yoga Asana to improve flexibility of body & mind, energizing & healthful life



helps to open the blockage of nervous system releasing confused mind, stressful life, depression, anxiety, fear & tension



helps for self-understanding, self-awareness, self-realization and uncovering inner happiness



helps to relax mind, gathering and sharing with friends, laughter and enjoyment


Body Massage

Pemper yourself with authentic ayurvedic massage which makes you soothing and refreshing


Laughter Yoga

to make yourself happy, love yourself, to open your mind, releasing tense with chanting, laughing, dancing & cheering